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How to Approach Front-End?

May 27, 2023 (1y ago)

Front-End Development can be overwhelming initially, dealing with designs and turning them into reality is no easy task. Imposter syndrome is a common challenge in my career, but I embrace it as part of learning and growing. I follow the IAADR approach:

IAADR Approach


Start with exploring landing pages or dashboards of exciting products you like. You can also check out curated collections on platforms like:


Engage with designs, analyze different aspects of the user interface (UI), and store inspiring elements in your memory for future use.


Understand how a website functions, observe colors, animations, and spacing. Ask and answer questions by inspecting the website.


Break down the design into actionable tasks. How can you implement the design, animation, or navigation menu?


Start working on reconstructing using code. Analyze questions from the previous step and break them into smaller, actionable tasks. Consider HTML, CSS, or JavaScript elements needed.

By following the IAADR approach, breaking down tasks, and embracing the journey of exploration, learning, and growth, you'll enhance your front-end development skills and create remarkable user experiences.

Thank you for reading.

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