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How I got into Coding

July 15, 2023 (1y ago)

Coding is a mix of dopamine-inducing moments and frustrating challenges. What I adore about coding is the art of problem-solving and the perpetual learning it offers. The ability to build anything you imagine is incredibly empowering.

Early Fascination with Computers

My journey into coding started with a deep fascination for computers, especially after getting my first one. Coding became my favorite subject in school, and I even remember writing HTML on a blackboard. Despite the interest, I didn't pursue coding seriously due to scarce resources. Instead, I delved into blogging about computer tricks on my website,

Diversifying into Design and YouTube

Exploring various interests, I transitioned to designing and learned Photoshop. Inspired by a YouTuber named Ziovo, I created content on YouTube about Windows tips and tricks, eventually switching to unboxing tech products. I also offered services like creating YouTube thumbnails and video editing on Sony Vegas Pro.

University and Rediscovering Passion

Enrolling in university for a Bachelor's degree in Computer Applications, I learned various languages but still felt unsatisfied. The COVID lockdown became a turning point, leading me to experiment with iOS App Development and later Python and Data Science. However, these pursuits didn't bring lasting happiness.

Finding Passion in Web Development

Reflecting on my love for design, I discovered that web development, particularly HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, was the quickest way to code and showcase my creations. Focusing on these technologies, I embarked on a journey that led me to become a software engineer with one and a half years of experience in startups.

It's a marathon, not a sprint, and this is my journey of exploring what I love. Your path may differ, but the essence lies in learning and doing what you love, whether it's coding, design, or playing a sport.

Thank you for reading!

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