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My Crazy Ride in Tech

July 2, 2024 (Today)


So picture this: It's a Friday right? I just got back to work after taking 2 days off 'cause my uncle passed away. I'm busting my ass to finish this PR and once I messaged that my PR is finished bam! They kick me out of everything - Slack, Google, GitHub etc. Just like that, my Front-End Engineer gig was toast.

I worked very hard during those 2 months where they handed me the entire front-end, design, and Framer website development (in which I have no expertise at all). They also wanted me to do backend development as well. Apart from that, they said that I had to work on Sundays and Saturdays too because they needed to grow fast. (No ESOPs + shitty salary, btw)

Back to that day: they called me into a meeting and hit me with this "feedback" that I'm not a good dev. Then they had the nerve to say I should be grateful they're even telling me this, 'cause most companies just kick people out without saying a word.

Man, that meeting messed me up. I was so down, questioning everything about myself. Like, am I even cut out to be an engineer? Self-doubt hit me hard.

But get this - just a week later, I scored a new job. And not just any job - this one paid way better and had a killer work culture. Talk about a turnaround!

What I Learned

This whole mess taught me:

  1. Just 'cause one company says you're bad doesn't make it true
  2. Sometimes crappy situations lead to better stuff
  3. A good work environment is super important

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