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Rejections don't define you

March 31, 2024 (4mo ago)


I still remember the day back in 2022 when i got rejected for a CSS technical content writing job i had zero experience in the software engineering field at the time and was studying really hard to get any job related to web development i was so excited when i got an email saying there was a company looking for a part-time CSS content writer it was the first time someone actually replied to my job application after applying to around 400 companies.

The company asked me to write an article on CSS positioning so i stayed up all night working on it pouring everything i knew into the piece and submitted it feeling proud of what i had created but then when i got on the call with them the person was kind of rude to me they said if you can't write a good article on CSS then the software engineering field isn't for you and just like that i was rejected.

That rejection hit me hard and left me feeling depressed for a few weeks afterwards i didn't even want to touch my laptop or continue coding at all but then i reached out to some people on twitter who are now very close friends of mine they motivated me and made me realize that one person's opinion doesn't define what i'm capable of they told me "ignore the negativity and just focus on learning and creating Ansub".

After that setback i picked myself up and got back to learning while applying for more jobs it took 700 applications but finally i got an internship as a front-end engineer.

The day i got the offer i was so happy it made me feel amazing and since then i've been constantly learning and growing. Now i have experience working at two yc startups and on top of that i also take on freelance front-end projects and am building syntaxUI.

To anyone out there who's facing challenges or setbacks on their coding journey don't give up keep pushing forward and believing in yourself, with hard work dedication and a passion for continuous learning you can achieve incredible things in this field and in life.

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