Ansub Khan

Engineer & Designer


My ever-evolving toolkit, comprising both hardware and software. I try to keep this list updated as much as possible.


  • MacBook Pro (16", 2023) -Probably one of the best investments I have ever made!
  • MX Master 3s -If you have not used this mouse, you are missing out
  • LG 27UL850 -A 4K monitor with USB-C and Ergo Stand
  • AirPods Pro 2 -The best wireless earphones I have ever used
  • Sony WH-1000XM4 -I use them when my airpods die or PS5
  • Magic Keyboard -This keyboard is a joy to type on
  • Magic Trackpad -I use this for gestures
  • Stream Deck -This thing is magical and i don't even stream


  • VS Code -Favorite code editor
  • Arc -Browser of choice
  • Notion -For notes and personal planner
  • Figma -For wireframing & prototyping
  • Raycast -Spotlight search replacement + AI
  • 1Password -Password management
  • Linear -Project management
  • CleanShot X -For taking screenshots
  • Screen Studio -For creating amazing videos
  • Superhuman -Slightly expensive but I can't go back to anything else.
  • Perplexity -This has replaced google for me.


  • Kindle Paperwhite -I love reading on this device.
  • iPad Pro 2021 -Havn't figured out a use-case for ipad tbh
  • Audible -I use this for listening to audiobooks.
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