About Me

Hello, my name is Ansub Khan a Computer Application Graduate from India, I am a Front-End Developer who is always eager to learn something new and is up to date on the latest trends in technology, space, and science I enjoy talking to people about ideas and hearing their perspectives on them. I've always had a strong interest in computers and technology. I also am trying to make web development simple for people by making blogs post and threads on twitter where i try to simplify programming for them.




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build an idea of AI who makes limited edition NFTs based on trends and sells them. wanted to show a way where AI and Humans Work Alignment, here the Bot is then using Etherum to work on it's Code and adding new features to it.

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Focus Allure

Focus Allure is a All-In-One Study Companion App. It works on Pomodoro Technique, and has soundscape to help in better focus. Published it on Product Hunt aswell.

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Shanty is a Chrome Extension that declutters your Chrome homepage, it has features like: beautiful Nature Wallpaper, Real-Time Bitcoin and Ethereum Price Tracker, Real-Time Weather Updates, Motivational Quote.

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Developer Bootcamp Website

made a full-responsive front-end developer bootcamp using Bootstrap 5 and custom CSS. also added Map API and Random Image API and added bootstrap features like accordion to the website.


Front-End Carrer Path



Bachelor of Computer Applications

Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University


Central Board of Secondary Education

Grade 12, Science